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You take three to ten minutes five times a day to focus on your body and the miracle of Life in it.

  • Take a deep breath.
  • Feel the your body.
  • Become aware of your body’s 37.2 trillion cells, the body’s ten systems, and the body’s ability to renew each system at 350 billion cells everyday.These systems work in harmony without a single conscious thought most of the time. That’s the BODY’S INNATE INTELLIGENCE  at work.

As the Frequencies of the Healing Energy flow through you,

  • Be with the God-of-Your-Understanding in appreciation of your life.
  • Consider the fact that your present body emerged from a single cell in your Mother’s womb.
  • Think about the renewal of your cells everyday, so that your present body is not the same as it was seven years ago. You are brand new.

Be Receptive to the Frequencies of Perfect Life.

  • Be appreciative of the fact that you are made perfectly.
  • Accept the energy that is coming in to remind every cell and every organ of its perfect.
  • Feel yourself grounded in your perfected  body and your perfect mind.