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About Dr. Tawheed


Dr. Artis Tawheed, Founder & CEO

Artis Tawheed attended Napa Community College where he took his Natural Science prerequisites before transferring to Cleveland Chiropractic College where he received his D.C. degree. Before graduating from that five-year program, he started a multi-year study of Directional Non-Force Technique (DNFT) with the founder, Dr. Richard Van Rumpt, a phenomenal, spiritually-directed chiropractor, naturopathic doctor and Rosicrucian. Speaking prophetically, Dr. Van told his class that it would be Artis Terrell, now Tawheed, who would take his gentle “Find it-Fix it-and Let it alone”-Chiropractic technique to the next level, and that’s what Artis Tawheed has done. Since then, Dr. Tawheed has been certified in numerous healing modalities: The Lataif, Qigong, Reiki, JohRei, Axiotonal Alignment, Pranic Healing, Polarity Therapy, and Ayurveda.

All of these practices, plus his spiritual knowledge and understanding, equip Dr. Artis Tawheed with doors to the healing frequencies of Download Healing®.

Our Approach

We use a Buffet of Healing Modalities to help restore the body to its wholeness and health. Through remote treatment (without face-to-face visits), we facilitate energy healing for individuals who follow our protocol.

Our Story

We are born with every cell, every tissue, every system in our bodies KNOWING ITS PERFECT FORM AND FUNCTION.

Every single chemical reaction, every tissue formation, and every bacterial invasion that is fought off is controlled and coordinated by this innate intelligence.

When there is dis-ease or dysfunction in the body, it is caused by something blocking the body’s innate intelligence from communicating clearly and completely with the cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body.

Down Load Healing®  activates your body’s own INNATE HEALING RESPONSE byclearing or dissolving whatever it was that interrupted the messages from the body’s innate intelligence to the cells.



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