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How It Works

Down Load Healing® (DLH®) activates your body’s own INNATE HEALING RESPONSE by clearing or dissolving whatever it was that interrupted the messages from the body’s innate intelligence to the cells.  DLH® therapy activates your body’s own innate healing response. The innate intelligence that is broadcast from the body’s energetic blueprint for perfect cells, tissues, and systems is restored in the body during Down Load Healing®.

You take three to ten minutes five times a day to focus on your body and the miracle of Life in it.


Dr. Artis Tawheed has spent his entire professional life as a Chiropractor searching for ways to facilitate the healing and health of his patients.  He believes that there is INNATE INTELLIGENCE in the human body that is constantly being maintained by the Universal Intelligence in all of Creation. When there is dis-ease  or malformations in the body, they are caused by interruptions or blockages of the INNATE INTELLIGENCE of the body by elements in he environment: toxic chemicals, energies, experiences, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.


Dr. Tawheed is certified in ten (10) healing modalities from around the world: Chiropractic, Ayurvedic, Pranic, Axiatonal Alignment, Reiki, Johrei, Chakra Balancing, Qigong, and Lataif. Each modality is like a door through which frequencies of energy come from Infinite Intelligence to restore one or more subtle bodies and physical body issues.

Each door opens to bring in frequencies of energies that restore the harmony and perfection of the various bodies we all have.

These ten modalities are doors that are open in Dr. Tawheed.

In each Therapeutic Session, he opens the doors for you to be guided to take the frequencies of energy that you need for your healing.